Intermezzo I - Tom Story
While Cure were somewhere upstairs, me and Ludek (my friend - DD keyboard and guitar player) caught up with some guy that spoke English. His name was Tom and he told us he was The Cure stage manager. Maybe he was. Sure he was. And also, sure he was drunk as hell. But anyway, he cheered us up and asked us to play so he and The Cure can hear us.

"They're just normal people, ya know ... [hick] ... man, f*ck the fear, just jump on there and play ....[hick] ... show'em what you know. .... man I'm an old friend of'em. They're good shits. I've been working for them for ten [hick] years, man. If you get us a good late night club, where they sell beer late at night, man, I'll take you there with the band, man ..... Go and play it .... and get f*cked up, men.... [hick]. Find me at the bar .....".

Then I asked him yet about one guy - that one that was spotting Robert with the light during the sunday's show. He looked really cool and his name was Barry Branford and this guy - Tom said he was cool. Anyone say hi to Barry if you know him ...

So that's the Tom Story .. Chapter 3