The Cure Story - Chapter Five
Chapter V - Jason and Roger
Mr. Smith Senior
We met Jason after talking to Perry. He had a blue shirt and looked friendly and funny. He is a nice guy to talk to.
He asked us if we were going to play at all. What a situation! Imagine that you are the Cure revival band and once you meet them and they're ready to listen to you and you can't play because someone else got pissed off and spoilt the whole night. You don't know how we felt....
Jason looked little tired. I asked him why they didn't play Forest last night and he didn't remember exactly if they played it or not. Well they've been on tour for 7 months. No wonder .... Then he looked at me and said: " You have the same glasses like Boris has, don't you? How good is your band, are you good?" "Yes we are, I said..." "...hmmm confident, aren't you? Are you better drummer then I am?" He was joking like that, it was great to find out that they are that friendly guys.
Then we went talking to Roger. He signed my book as well. But he was surrounded by some crowd and I really didn't have a chance to talk to him much.
Jason's signature
Roger's signature After a while I realized that Perry told me Robert's family was here. I went up to achieve the mission - talk to Robert's father. I went upstairs, met Perry once more (he was listening to the music played in club - listening actually to Slash's solos) and tried to find someone who could be Robert's dad. (What would you actually look for on Robert's dad? Hairstyle? Lipstick?).
Then I spotted older grey-haired gentleman walking by. "Are you Mr. Smith?" "Yes I am, sir" Bingo! "...ehm.. would you sign my book here, right next to Robert's face, please?" "Oh sure, what's your name?" He was really nice to me. Here is his signature. He was on his way out so I didn't bother him any longer. Mrs. Smith was there too, but I thought it would be little bit rude to bother her with asking her for a signature. I didn't even have a camera nor tape recorder to make a short interview...(Sh*t!) Mr. Smith's signature
Now I was satisfied. Chapter 6