The Cure Story - Chapter Four
Chapter IV - Perry
Oh well, her show was over. The Cure were walking around the club, chatting with people and signing stuff for them. The first "Cure" in reach was Perry. He was sitting on stage and signing. He asked us if we were going to play. Well, we didn't know though, our instruments were far away and Alice was packing up ... We were f*ed...

Perry's signature

At least we were talking to Perry. He was listening to the music played in the club and time to time was hitting the piano on stage and playing along (he was probably bored of people around - of us ...). But anyway. He signed the Tour book for me. We spent about 15 minutes with him. And we asked him about different things. Like where Robert and Simon were. He said Robert was sleeping and Simon was watching a film. (Simon! I wanted to have a beer with you!). He also said that Robert's mom and dad are in Prague. Even more, that they are here in the club! Wow, I could have a great opportunity to meet someone who is The Dad of Robert Smith!
Then we asked Perry about the Cure stuff - like why did Simon stop playing in Play for Today on the Paris CD, if it was a technical problem or if he did it on purpose. We really wanted to know, 'cause we like that no-bass version and we play it like that in our shows. When Perry heard this, he laughed and said that it was a technical problem that Simon had. Then he asked us: "OK, so who's me in your band?" and he asked about the others as well. He told me "so you're Jason, right?", I answered that I felt more like Boris ..(sorry, Jason). Jirka gave him our Deep Decline poster to sign, and Perry was amused by the name of our band ... We also gave him our tape. I wonder if he's ever going to listen to it... But he promised to listen to it in privacy and if he likes it, he'll play it to Simon and if Simon likes it, they'll play it to the rest of th band. At least he'll have a blank tape for recording. Then we took some pictures of him with me and Jana, I'll post them soon. Then Perry got up an left upstairs, where I caught him later again.
Chapter 5