The Cure Story - Chapter Three
Chapter Three - Who the F*ck is Alice ?
Alice Springs is here! There she is! "Go back to your cave", I was thinking deeply down .... She was jumping on the stage like a witch around the fire circle. She was screaming and looking really healthy (explains itself later ...). I didn't like much what they were playing there, but they were taking their effort very seriously. Anyway, the wine I was drinking was OK and working on getting me high.
10.15 Monday Night :
The Art Contest has its winners. Well organized, guys. The MW guys just can't read any names from the winners list, they screwed up. The Cure are standing there and don't understand a word. Perry says to the mike "Well, I don't know what th f*ck he was talking about, but I want to thank you all for your pictures ....". Roger and Jason are laughing a lot. They left the stage and went to have another beer ... Everything is being filmed by Premiera TV. Can't wait to see it ...
A girl came to the stage and announced: "Alright, I know that all of you came here to see Alice Springs. But she is so sorrrrrry, she feels sick (there we go!) right now and she's not going to continue her show .... we're really sorry." Well, smart girl, that Alice Springs. She got pissed off because some stupid foriegn band came to disturb and interrupt her party and CD release celebration. What a star she is!! Wow! She yelled at the Pg and MW guys, she must have been really sick. Ridiculous.
(I gotta go to bed now, I'll see you tomorrow ...) Chapter 4