The Cure Story - Chapter Two
Chapter Two - What a Night !

So the story begins on the day after The Cure show, on Monday 18th November. Me and my buddies from Deep Decline got invited to the Polygram/Mediaworld/The Cure/Alice Springs party in Lucerna Music Bar....(what a combination). Alice Springs was supposed to celebrate the release of her new CD and there was no other place to put the "Beutiful Depression Art Contest Winners' Night" at, so the things got a bit "Mixed Up". Everyone in the place knew The Cure were coming. We knew that Robert Smith wasn't coming. But I really wanted to talk to Simon.

The Cure are here! It's ... ..let's see.. yeah - Perry, Roger and Jason. It's really them! Too bad Robert and Simon are not here.
OK. Let's go see them and talk to them a little bit. But there's so many people around. Well, we're getting closer to them. They're looking at the pictures on the wall. I wonder whether they like it or whether they were just told to look at it. The Mediaworld guy is explaining them what was the contest about (little bit too late...). I'm trying to get closer to Perry, but *that* MW guy is pushing him away. F*ck it!
So I came back to our table, The Cure went upstairs to their reserved area to have som beer....
Once my friend, Deep Decline boss and guitarist - Jirka - comes to me and says - "let's go, The Cure want to talk to us ..". Oh well, what do they want? I found out that those MW and Polygr. guys told them we were there and that we were their revival band. The Cure said they wanted to hear us and let us possibly jam with them. Gosh, "I've never felt so comfortably see-through-head before" (FTEOTDGS, The Cure) and so distant-minded. Can you imagine that? Playing in front of The Cure their songs and if they like it, jam with them? F*ck yeah! But.... We don't have any amps and instruments, neither drums ... Let's ask Alice Springs. We can borrow the stuff from them, can't we? "F*ck NO!!", Alice Springs said. We couldn't believe it! Such geeks! Alright, we talked to MW and Polygr. guys and they talked to Alice Springs so they finally promised to let us use their stuff.
INTERMEZZO I got a chance to talk to Perry. "Hi, Perry, how are you, don't you feel like jam a litle bit tonight?", "thanks, maybe. Are you the cover band?" he said. "Yeah, we are ..." "Are you really good though?" "Yes, we are!" ( I do not know where I got this confidence. I just didn't realize that this nice guy plays guitar there ....). "OK, play couple songs for us and we'll see ...". I didn't think it would be easy like that. I came back to our table, talking to Jana, trying to make her happy by telling her nice things. But I was pretty nervous. Jirka showed me what gifts he had for The Cure. He had the DD poster to have it signed. Then he had a tape of our show with several The Cure songs. Then he had something else for them to sign, I don't remember what it was. Anyway me and Jana had the Swing Tour Book, where every Cure member has reserved two pages. Too bad Robert Smith's father didn't have his own page in that book .... (I'll explain this later...). We were drinking wine and apple juice and chatting and smoking.
I called couple friend to come down to see us playing with The Cure. Perry went up to the Lucerna passage. We didn't bother him, he looked like he wanted just walk around on his own.